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Best Masturbation Techniques, Methods,  and Toys for MEN and WOMEN – Pictures and Videos. Learn how to jerk off!

Masterbation is the most popular sexual activity in the world. It’s Ok to masturbate! Everyone does it! You will find all kinds of jerk off techniques and resources here for female and male. The site contains pictures, videos, devices, and stories of masturbation and self sex along with interviews and resources. We get creative and we get funny but you will definitely learn some great creative masterbation techniques. You will be entertained!

Masturbation Toys for MEN –  Jerk Off Methods and How to Masturbate

Fleshlight is one of the most popular masturbation devices/toys. They come in all kinds of different vagina openings and even lips and assholes. Definitely beats jerking off by hand alone! Tenga Egg, Cup, and Flip Hole Demo videos. Great masturbation methods from Tenga; like Fleshlight.
ReallDollSex – Reall Doll Sex – This is the ultimate in self pleasure! Upwards of $6000 but if I had the money, I would own one! The best way to jerk off! Real Doll Sex Doll – An interesting documentary about Real Doll sex dolls and the guys that are obsessed with them. No need for a wife!
Autoblow – An automatic blowjob machine! Hands free jerk off! This makes masturbation feel like a real blow job! Price $99. Super Head Honcho – by Sue Johanson. Pocket pussy with suction holes. Have some creative masturbation with this super stretchy sleeve.


Soloflesh is a very cool way to masturbate! It’s more like you are having sex with an ass and vagina. The cool thing about it is that you can fill it up with warm water and it actually feels like a jiggly butt.Nice way to jerk off! Candy Girl is a great looking masterbation toy from Japan. It’s like a Real Doll but for the most part, looks Asian and probably feels Asian! Stick your meat for a treat! More Candy Girl info here Candy Girl.
Mega Masturbator 2 is like a Soloflesh but is has more of a body to it. It’s nice to have a huge set of tits to grab on while you are boning it! Honey Doll is a very cute looking Asian sex doll. Not much to go by with this video but as they come out with new info, we will update the site and keep you abreast of the situation.
Jerk Off Machine – Wow! You gotta see this! What more can you say about this thing? A machine that jerks you off! I want one! Bundinha looks very similar to the Soloflesh but looks a lot smaller. Maybe it’s meant to give the sensation of a midget or child to satisfy the pedophile in you.
Real Touch – Virtual sex device. This sex device could change the world as we know it! Maven Masturbation Device – Another jerk off device you lube up and stick your dick in. Plain and simple but probably does the trick!

Masturbation Toys for WOMEN – The Latest and Greatest in Masterbation Devices

How to Masturbate – Very in-depth instructions on how to masterbate for women. This video goes in to very fine detail on hand and sex toys techniques. Female Masturbation Techniques – A bunch of in depth masterbation techniques up close. Titles are in Spanish but you will get it.
JoyRiact – An online community with devices where you can sexually interact with each other online with devices you wear! Wow! I can’t wait! Astrea Vibrating Panties – Wear these anywhere, any time and have fun whatever you do! This masterbation device is remote controlled so you can turn it on and off whenever you feel like it.

  • Recent Masturbation Techniques

    If you love to masturbate, jerk off, and play with yourself, you will love this info! Coming soon “Top 10 Masturbation Techniques for men”. Here you will find all the best masturbation techniques you will need for a good time!

    SITE OUR RATING DETAILS **** Some good quality clips on this site but they are among lower quality video clips. **** Decent low resolution clips ranging from a few minutes to 20 mins plus. Some decent clips with higher resolution but a nice place to start. All kinds of action! Downloadable clips in all formats. **** Decent low resolution clips ranging from a few minutes to 20 mins plus. Some decent clips with higher resolution but a nice place to start. All kinds of action! Downloadable clips in all formats.

    Home made Fleshlight – not bad!

    This is a decent tutorial on how to make a home made Tenga blow job / vagina thingy. It’s not too bad. Check it out!

    Another great home made vagina how to video!

    This is a great how to video on how to make another kind of home made vagina.
    • pregnant blow up doll

    Pregnant Blowup Doll

    Pregnant Blowup Doll

    • pregnant blowup doll
    pregnant blow up doll
    Ian got his blowup doll pregnant!



    Catch a Buzz
    Put your cell phone on vibrate and tape it to your balls. Have someone continue to call you as you are jerking off. Do this and see what all the buzz is about.

    The Chicken Wing
    Grab your penis between your bicep and forearm. Now flap your arm like a wing as you squeeze your dick. You can do this with or without lube. You can do this standing up or sitting down.

    Pop Rocks
    Fill a turkey baster with water and pop rocks then squeeze the mix into your ass then jerk off.

    The Backhander

    Flip your hand over so you are looking at your knuckles as you beat your meat. This is a good method to throw in here and there as you choke your chicken the conventional way to break things up.

    Jug Head
    Your dick has to be just the right size for this one. Office water jugs are awesome for fucking, if your cock fits. You can lay the jug down on a couch or a bed and hold it while you fuck it or you can grab it with both hands and sort of jerk yourself off with it.

    The Stranger
    Sit on your jerking hand so you cut off the blood circulation. When your hand goes numb, start jerking off. It won’t even feel like your own hand. It will feel like someone else’s hand. You can imagine whoever you want.

    Ghetto Blaster
    This is really just jerking off with a game type twist. I used to work in the ghetto part of town. I worked second shift as a night time computer operator. I used to go up onto the roof of the 5 story building and jerk off and let it fly down onto the sidewalk. Bonus points if you actually hit someone or something.

    Cushion for the Pushin
    Lube up a plastic sandwich bag with some hand cream and stick it between some couch cushions. Kneel down on the floor and bone the bag like doggy style.

    Night Crawler
    This is just a modified version of Cushion for the Pushin. Instead of had cream in the plastic sandwich bag. Stick a bunch of night crawlers with some vegetable oil in the bag, stick the bag between couch cushions and bone it doggy style like.

    Hang upside down from a tree branch or bar (research “inversion boots”). Jerk off while you are upside down.What a rush!

    **** Please send us any of your creative masturbation techniques. We are building this site to be the most awesome and most complete site about masturbation techniques on the internet.

    nice dildo ass

    If you have any masturbation resources that are not already listed here, please comment or send us links.

    Inflatables/Blow-up dolls  masterbate with a blow up doll

    These things are awesome. The can range from $20 to hundreds of dollars. We will eventually be doing reviews on whatever we can get our hands on so look forward to it!

    Fleshlight   masturbation device fleshlight

    Fleshlights are pretty awesome. They feel great, probably better than any other device that you use manually. Flesh lights go for around $50 but they are worth it! Fleshlight also has devices to mount fleshlights in so you can bone them hands-free; pretty sweet! You will use again and again!

    CHECK IT OUT! New Fleshlight Ipad Cover!!!       Fleshlight  Ipad Case

    Now this looks promising! An Ipad cover with a built in Fleshlight! Enough Said! Think of all the possibilities for apps! Sign me up!

    Check it out here –


    Real Doll  sex masterbate toy the real doll

    We haven’t tested one of these yet but we will be researching reviews very soon. Real Dolls are typically over $5000!

    Lubricants    grease your penis up with this to jerk off

    There is no need to spend cash on anything fancy for masturbatory lubrication. You can use anything slimy from hand creams, lotions, Vaseline, hair conditioner, or soap. WARNING: If you jerk off with soap, many times you will end up with your dick on fire with a burning sensation the next time you piss!

    You can use anything from spit to Crisco cooking oil to jerk off with and it feels great! It’s definitely a much better and more realistic feeling with a bit of lubrication. The only drawbacks are that it can be a lot harder to clean up Vaseline petroleum jelly when you’re done. Also, if you are using hand cream, you may have to keep applying it, as it tends to dry up and absorb into the skin.


    Dildos come in all shapes and sizes and can be found everywhere on the internet. We will eventually have reviews on whatever we can find but for now, it’s all about personal preference. Experiment with all kinds of dildos and figure out what feels best for you.

    Masturbation Methods – Gloves

    The Boxer    jerk-off-boxing-glove

    The boxer is cool and has a nice soft puffy feel, depending on the thickness of inner glove. Lubrication helps but is still cool without it.  If you tape a vibrator to the glove, you will get the sensation of what it’s like to be jerked off by an aged Muhammed Ali.

    The Alien    snap-off-alien-glove

    These glove can be found at specialty dive and sporting good stores and everywhere online. They come in different thicknesses. The thicker the better as the more padding distances your hand sensation and makes it feel like someone else!

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