Man fucks donkey

Man fucks donkey! Yes, this guy fucks a donkey, in fact a lot of men fuck donkeys.  Isn’t that special?

This video is basically a donkumentary about, not only a guy that has sex with donkeys but many guys AND kids! Yes! Kids fucking donkeys!

This video was shot in South America and is serious yet funny and very entertaining. The guy who made the video is a riot! He shows and tells it like it is as do the men fucking donkeys.

Second video is also where a man fucks a donkey but it’s our own awkward intern Neil! During his interview of the Sexy Shelby Doll, they discuss donkey sex and fucking a donkey and Neil is magically transformed into animation land where he has sex with a donkey. It’s pretty funny! Check out the entire episode! It’s in episode 8 of the Public Excess Show!

Third video is where a guy gets raped by a donkey in a field. He doesn’t actually get raped by the donkey but it looks like the donkey gets the best of him and that donkey has a huge donkey dick!!

Fourth video is about a guy boning a chick in the ass and getting corn stuck in his pee hole.



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